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Physics Tutorial

You have probably heard of physics, but you might not know exactly what it is. Physics, like any branch of science, is interested in understanding the world around us. Physicists study the basic laws of nature and try to understand on the most fundamental level the way our universe operates.

There are many different areas of physics. Some physicists study very small particles which make up atoms and everything around us. Others study incoming light from stars in order to learn about how our Galaxy and Universe were created. Others study electricity and magnets, which, believe it or not, are very closely related. Still others try to find out what happens when lots of atoms are together, such as in a block of metal or rubber. Why does metal conduct electricity and rubber does not? These are the types of fundamental questions that physicists ask.

A few centuries ago Sir Isaac Newton found the answers to some very important questions. He developed laws of motion that explain how objects move. He was able to explain much of what we see in the world around us. The laws he formulated also explain how Chaos works.

This physics tutorial covers the basics of what we now call Newtonian mechanics, as well as many of the individual concepts in Chaos that can be explained with Newton’s laws.

Below is an outline of the tutorial. Click on a link to jump to that location in the tutorial.

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